TDI Swapped Samurai Truck Conversion


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Between the larger tube and the small shaft, I have a harbor freight 3/4" impact socket I'm using as a reducer. After cutting the weld off, I slipped in some 1/8" strips of steel between the flat walls of the socket, and the flat side of the double D. Ground the weld completely off on the small shaft, chucked it all up in the lathe, used a taper point and a steady rest to keep it all inline. After welding it all up, I drilled it, and tapped it for a 3/8" bolt, I'll use a grade 8 here, mostly for a backup, in case my welds do for some reason fail. This was my first attempt at using a lathe to do something like this, but I think it came out surprisingly well, all things considered.

And finally the video. It's not perfect, but it's a million times better than what it was.